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Posted on May 13, 2015 In Acting Coaching, Public Speaking, Speaking Tips

You are about to go on stage (to speak or act) AND might feel tension in your neck and shoulders – and this may cause […]

An ACTOR'S CRAFT - What Speakers need to know In an Actors’ Studio interview, Ralph Fiennes said that in his audition for RADA he was [...]
Two Surefire Ways to Make a Good Impression When people meet they give and receive energy.  This is our "connection".  Whether you speak to one [...]
Posted on June 8, 2013 In Acting Coaching, Public Speaking, Speaking Tips
SIDEBAR:The Comfortable Exercise For 24 HOURS make EVERYONE you come in contact with, feel "comfortable" - not happy - but comfortable.  Be clear about what [...]
Secrets to Great Speaking "Everybody should do this  - acting training."  ~Hugh Jackman (excerpts from an interview by Jame Lipton on INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO) [...]
SIDEBAR:Breathing When Hugh Jackman talks about first learning to breathe properly, he thought by heaving his chest in an out he was taking a full [...]
Posted on February 4, 2013 In Acting Coaching, Public Speaking, Speaking Tips
How to Memorize Your Speech © 2013 – By Jon Farley (Although specifically written for speakers, every actor out there with a long monologue needs [...]
Bill Clinton: An Amazing Speaker - find out why A short class in how to: Speak from the heart to the audience, not at them, [...]