Voice [Trigger Warning]

***TRIGGER WARNING [personal story of abuse within]***

To the women out there who have something to say, but haven’t felt able to speak up, or worthy of the message, we are at such a crucial juncture in human history. Does anyone else feel like things are coming to a head?
We are forced to stay six feet apart with half our faces covered, when around others. And the rest of the time we live behind the screen.

But this presents a unique opportunity to speak up and out, and create your own platform to share your voice through these virtual sources.

Learn more about how you can do this, as I share what that can feel like and look like, along with some vulnerable accounts I’ve experienced. Thank you to Della Rae for your brilliance as a safe space asking the right questions in this interview. You have mastered the art of the interview.

Here is a link to the eBook mentioned in the interview that contains cumulative wisdom from the last 30 years as a speaking and acting coach. Use the promo code VOICE to get it for $5!

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