“You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’t communicate your ideas, it doesn’t matter.”
– Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had Seven Rules to Success. Number Six on his list was Master The Message. Jobs was the world’s greatest corporate storyteller. Instead of simply delivering a presentation like most people do, he informed, he educated, he inspired and he entertained, all in one presentation.

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Presenting is much like performing, with a need to be heard, believed, and remembered.

Every audience MUST walk away with four things –

1) Tools for change and a game plan they’ve been waiting for

2) Confidence in their ability to work the plan and confidence in you

3)  An unforgettable story anchored to your message/service/product

4) A memorable experience

You need to create magic while being authentic, transparent, caring, and passionate.

Learn how to transform your presentation skills by applying the same principles Barbara uses with actors:

Heightened Energy
Conversational Speech
Great Story Telling Skills
Listening Skills
Relaxation Techniques
Vocal Appeal
Pace, Power, Pitch & Pauses
Improvisation Skills

Take this opportunity to attend Barbara’s

Great Speakers Use Acting Skills TM Workshop **


Sunday, April 5th, 2PM

at 1633 NW Glisan

LIMITED TO ONLY 8 participants
You receive personal attention within a group setting.

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The Great Speakers Use Acting Skills TM Workshop is scheduled several times throughout the year.

Barbara Kite is a Public Speaking Coach and an Acting Coach. Barbara belongs to the National Speakers Association and all the acting unions. Barbara’s current and past clients include the adidas, Nike, Lexus, Women Lawyers of Oregon, Oregon Zoo (to help improve their speaking skills for presentations around the US), the Department of Sustainability and Development, Oregon Public Broadcasting (Oregon Art Beat and Oregon Field Guide), Catholic Charities of Portland, Oregon Secretary of State, preachers, professors, executives, coaches, authors, lawyers, event organizers, major corporations, and even Macy’s Santa.

Barbara has nearly 30 years of acting coaching experience and is dedicated to the success of her clients.

“Your workshop has given me a new awareness of the quality of a presentation. … a presentation is not about you but about giving the information that you have and visualizing the information that is delivered. It was deeper than that and it is in fact hard to put words on it. You also made me see a blind spot which is how serious I get when I have to talk about something I care.” -Marie-Pierre (Research Scientist), OHSU

“Barbara helped me break through the ruts, the old habits, the familiar ways. Barbara reminds us that the audience is there, willing to be drawn in, but what Barbara teaches are the skills and techniques to bring that audience closer to us in an authentic and natural way.” ~ Ed Jahn, Producter, Oregon Field Guide, OPB

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SIX HOURS – (3  One Hour + 2 Ninety minute) Private Sessions

Package includes SIX HOURS of coaching. This is comprised of three sessions an hour each, and two sessions that are 1- 1/2 hours. PLUS Phone Calls/Emails AND help, editing and writing your speech.

$1,000.00      [Purchase]

Three – One hour Private Sessions

Package includes three one hour sessions with phone calls and emails to further help you fine tune your presentation.

$575.00       [Purchase]

 A Seventy-five Minute Private Session

If you just want to have one session, or get an evaluation of your speaking skills.

$229.00       [Purchase]

Dress Rehearsal – 1 Seventy-five Minute Private Session

Present that all important speech in front of a professional speaking coach. INCLUDES a review of the written speech when emailed to me AHEAD OF TIME (feedback & re-writes on speech included) as well as phone and email availability!

$229.00       [Purchase]

Three – One Hour Phone Consultations

Perfect for those individuals who do not reside nearby. INCLUDES emails in-between classes.525.00      [Purchase]

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