Client Name

Julia Thompson


Communications Manager, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

What Did You Hope to Gain From Working with Barbara Kite?

I hoped to find an alternative approach for my staff to get out of their heads, think on their feet, and grow as better public speakers so they can get our message across.  I was attracted to her approach of using acting skills to improve speaking because it tackles the real barriers that block us from being effective speakers – overcoming the fear and phobia around being fully present with the people you are speaking with.  Ideally people will do less fussing over the exact words on the page, and figure out what it is they really know and what their core message is, so they have the confidence to share that in the best way they can…but it takes a lot of help to get there!

What Were Your Immediate Results?

A greater consciousness and feeling more energized when I’m speaking in front of people.

What Were Any Long-term Results?

It’s great to get Barbara’s monthly newsletters because they validate what I think is a great approach. It helps refresh the skills I learned and cements her philosophy.

Did Barbara Kite Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Yes, my staff came back really excited and wanted to do more. They really liked her style.

Would You Recommend Barbara Kite to Colleagues?

Yes – it takes a small act of bravery to jump in there – but I think a lot of people need to be gently pulled out of their comfort zone.

Any Other Comments:

Barbara is a really unique resource, and we are really lucky to have someone like her in Portland.