Your Name

Elon Hasson

Your Company

E.on Climate & Renewables, NA

What Did You Hope to Gain From Working with Barbara Kite?

Doing a lot of public speaking and had some problems with it, so I thought it would be good to work on it with her.

What Were Your Immediate Results?

A lot of fun and learned to enjoy acting and it was a lot more of a fun exercise.  I got to appreciate acting and learned a lot.

What Were Any Long-term Results?

All the basic skills that she teaches are applicable to everything in life from acting to public speaking to individual interaction.  You have a lot more tools in your tool box to do public speaking.  I was more confident in my public speaking.  You’re talking fast – her method has to do more with figuring out what you want to say, and how you are saying it and why you are saying it.  It’s an emotional and analytical process of that.

Did Barbara Kite Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Yes, my main issue was talking too fast.  She didn’t teach me how to slow down, she taught me how to communicate.

Would You Recommend Barbara Kite to Colleagues?


Any Other Comments:

I like her a lot and we have become friends.