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Are you looking for an acting coach committed to providing the environment and tools necessary to reach the next level in your development?

Are you new to the profession, or have you had other classes and felt something was missing?

Are you a professional wishing there was a place you could go to be challenged?

Do you want a strong, supportive group of actors and artists with whom to grow and exchange ideas?

Would you like someone who works with you as an individual while still benefiting from a community of actors?

Give Barbara a call, and sit in on an acting class to see for yourself.

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EVOLVING (becoming a master of your craft)

If you are lucky, you will always be mastering a level of your craft and then moving on to the next. This change, this transition, will be uncomfortable. In these states everything is readjusting, realigning, and you must allow the chaos to do its work because in this reconfiguration lies your creativity and growth. Stay with the discomfort. Stay connected to the truth. Let the process work itself out to create new skills, ideas, and perspectives.

Let go of what was and realize that you cannot learn what you need to know with the tools you have. You need new ones and they will always be evolving. Trust yourself and the process. It will never fail you. Everything you want is truly outside of your comfort zone because in your present comfort you are still frustrated and wanting. Be courageous. Become a Master at your craft.

CREATIVITY: “The creative adult is the child who has survived.”  Ursula K. LeGuin

Mastery of Acting Class: Check out a sample of the work done in the Mastery of Acting Class with Barbara’s SCENE NIGHT