Success Story: Kili Marti

Your Name

Kili Marti

Your Company

Public speaker/Fitness performer/Fitness trainer-instructor/Training facility owner of Sweat 360, Athletic Performance Training

What Did You Hope to Gain From Working with Barbara Kite?

I wanted a freedom and authenticity in my public presence and performance. I wanted to understand my strengths and also the things I needed improvement or skill in. A confidence and believability in all that I do and presented to the world in my work.

What Were Your Immediate Results?

I could visually and verbally see a difference in my stage performance and presenting skills. I had a confidence in everything I presented. Whether it be a speech, and educational seminar or a big stage performance – I just felt like I was, “IN IT”! I remember specifically a group of people coming up to me after a performance and said, “You were just so real and passionate. Your authenticity is inspiring and makes us want to move”! Such a huge compliment. I was able to get out of my own way, be present and be with my audience. Play with them and really enjoy what I was doing! AMAZING!

Personally it allowed me to work through mental blocks and personal issues. I learned to let go. My communication became better, my relationships got better, my business became better… basically my life just became the life, I always wanted. I showed up. Barbara talk me that. How to show up!

What Were Any Long-term Results?

Long term, I am fearless. Okay that is probably not 100% true. But I certainly don’t let fear stop me. I say hi to it, take it along for the ride. I have stopped judging myself and give my best, what ever that is in that moment.  I took the skills and lessons I learned from Barbara’s class into every crevasse of my life. I now have a thriving business – one that I am proud of and that I built from

the ground up with my beautiful husband. We built and amazing community with the confidence and belief that I tapped into in Barbara’s class. I am a better mom – present. My relationship with my kids is honest and clean. And my marriage is “kick ass”! I learned to be open and willing to see things, different points of view. I learned to get out of my head and be more present in my body which has allowed to trust myself in my path.

Did Barbara Kite Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Yes, I take people to new places of movement and motivation. Big and small. I do it more effectively after her classes.

Would You Recommend Barbara Kite to Colleagues?

Yes, I have and will continue to do so.

Any Other Comments:

Barbara is real! She is someone I admire and will always look towards and use for advice and performance. I now dedicate and live a life working from the INSIDE OUT rather than the OUTSIDE IN. I’ve tried so many times, a life time to work from the outside in and it never left me fulfilled, only wanting and needing more. Because of your work with me I want to make sure others have this same opportunity so that they can find peace and happiness with what they have and build from there.