Your Name

Katrina Sarson

Your Company

Oregon Public Broadcasting

How Did You Hear About Barbara?

She was hired by our HR Department to provide professional development for local production

What Did You Hope to Gain From Working with Barbara Kite?

I hoped to gain more confidence in my on-camera job as co-host of our weekly arts program, Oregon Art Beat.

What Were Your Immediate Results?

Barbara helped me find ways to connect with the audience and communicate more clearly and authentically while on camera. Rather than teaching me to “perform”, she helped me relax and be myself on camera, while still using techniques that allow me to communicate well in this medium.

What Were Any Long-term Results?

When I practice the strategies that Barbara gave me, I continue to improve over time. She gave me a framework, and I can then apply it to a range of different professional situations.

Did Barbara Kite Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Yes, and every taping day as I begin my warm-up exercises, or use one of her communication techniques, I send her a mental note of gratitude!

Would You Recommend Barbara Kite to Colleagues?

I would definitely recommend Barbara Kite to colleagues who are hoping to improve their comfort level on camera, or communicating in almost any context. She takes your success very seriously, and will work with you and give you many opportunities to grow, change and improve.

Any Other Comments:

Barbara helped me to gain confidence on-camera by teaching me clues and strategies for taking an almost overwhelming communication task (like speaking on camera, or in person to a large group) and breaking it down into manageable pieces. Then, she provides strategies and techniques for improving each of those pieces. As all the parts get better, overall performance improves. It’s like magic – and it works!