When Hugh Jackman talks about first learning to breathe properly, he thought by heaving his chest in an out he was taking a full breath.  He wasn’t.  Breathing is not just necessary for vocal support, it’s for ENERGY, RELAXATION, MIND BODY CONNECTION and more.  And all singers, athletes, actors and trained speakers know about the importance of proper breathing.

The very best way to understand correct breathing is to start by lying down on the floor, some place comfortable and supporting your body.  There is less work involved in this position than standing.

First relax all limbs, one by one.

  • Focus on your feet and ankles  and say RELAX three times,
  • Now your calves and knees, same thing – say RELAX three times,
  • thighs and buttocks,
  • belly and chest,
  • lower, middle and upper back,
  • shoulders, arms and hands,
  • jaw, neck, face and scalp,
  • nervous system, spine and whole body

Let go of your jaw.

  • Put your hand on your belly and breathe in, pushing your belly way out, and fill your waist (diaphragm) and chest next.
  • Hold it for a second.
  • Now breath out, starting with your chest then waist and then belly, pushing your navel into your spine, getting all the air out.
  • Hold for a second.
  • Breath in again, more fully than before.
  • Do this three times.

Try it during the day.  Take a few deep breaths to re-energize your mind,  body,  life and work.  For a version you can do at work start at Let go of your jaw (standing up of course).

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