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Issue Month/YR Title

42 May-17 At the Center of Great Story Telling – Sense Memory
41 Feb-17 Be Interesting
40 Oct-16 Every Word Matters
39 May-16 Pre-Presentation Prep
38 Mar-16 Before You Speak (P1)
37 Jan-16 Why We Hide
36 Nov-15 I Did What You Told Me To Do
35 Sep-15 When Does Your Presentation Begin?
34 Jun-15 Relaxation and Letting Go (Dennis Lewis)
33 May-15 Voice & Teen Workshops & Exercises to Ease Tension
32 Mar-15 Announcing New Space & New Workshops
31 Oct-14 The Power of Pausing
30 Sep-14 Slowing Down
29 Jun-14 What Every Actor Needs To Know (Ralph Fiennes)
28 Mar-14 Why You Hide KBOO #3
27 Jan-14 Why You Hide KBOO #2
26 Dec-13 Why You Hide KBOO #1
25 Oct-13 An Actor’s Craft (Ralph Fiennes)
24 Aug-13 Surefire – Memorable Speech
23 Jun-13 2 Ways to Make a Good Impression
22 Mar-13 Secrets to Great Speaking (Hugh Jackman)
21 Feb-13 Memorize Speech (Jon Farley)
20 Dec-12 “I did what you told me”
19 Nov-12 Bill Clinton Amazing Speaker
18 Oct-12 The Power of Pauses (Susan Trivers)
17 Sep-12 Energy & Communication
16 Aug-12 10 Ways Theatre Major (Tom Vander Well)
15 Jul-12 Performance Anxiety
14 May-12 Intro To Your Speech
13 Apr-12 Quotes That Inspire
12 Mar-12 Biggest Challenges In Speaking – Primitive Dynamic Voice
11 Feb-12 Listening From the Heart (Michael Starr)
10 Feb-12 Where To Start – Comfortable Exercise
09 Nov-11 From the Desk of John Zimmerman
08 Aug-11 The Voice & The Speaker
07 Jun-11 Energy & Communication
06 May-11 From the Desk of Mary Mac
05 Apr-11 I Can’t (Karen Harvey)
04 Feb-11 Child Within
03 Dec-10 Poems – Inspiration
02 Nov-10 Sanford Miesner
01 Oct-10 Launch Website