Testimonials for Coaching Actors

Dawn M

Barbara Kite is an amazing acting coach who truly wants her students out of the classroom and onto the set. She is tough, but she also wants you to have fun. Yes, it’s hard work, yes you have to persist, and yes, you have to love it. Barbara is on a mission to explore and encourage the journey of an actor’s development. Her class is a place to overcome the fears every actor faces, and replace them with the invaluable tools needed to conquer the acting world.

Linda Austin

An experience you don’t want to miss! Barbara’s acting class is an extraordinary experience open to any person and any profession. In her class, you will find she has a gift of tapping into one’s self- awareness, while assisting with the individuals discovery of where they are “holding back” with any honest emotion. The techniques used and skills learned are exceptional for releasing a person’s innate, unique talent!

 Kim Bogus

This is a great class! I have studied with Barbara Kite for several years. The best thing about this coach and class is that Barbara doesn’t let her ego get in the way. She wants what is best for her students. If that means a different approach, she does it. If it means a different teacher, then she brings in a different teacher or recommends another teacher. The class is constantly evolving and changing as Barbara learns from her studies and from her students. This is an inspiring and supportive environment to learn and grow as an artist.

Jon Farley

A Remarkable Teacher! I have studied acting with Barbara Kite for nearly four years. She is a wonderful teacher and a remarkable person. In class, she is both generous and demanding. She has an uncanny ability to find precisely the right thing to say to students that will help them understand exactly what they need to do.

She also has an amazing way of recognizing how a student is holding him/herself back. Students working with her acquire an ever-expanding foundation of skill and self-confidence. I have experienced this myself, and seen it happen in others. The results are obvious and striking.

If you are ready to take your work to the next level, whatever that level is, I enthusiastically recommend Barbara to you.

Sensational Christy ‎ 

You will not regret it i have been studying with barbara for nearly a year now and have no regrets, not only have i learned numerous things about myself but also my confidence and acting has been magnified ten fold. A great choice.

“Thank YOU for everything!! You truly are so gifted and talented and you definitely know what you are doing in coaching speakers and actors!!   THANKS”


Your newsletter arrived at a perfect moment for me.  I’m about to go off for my first session of flower arranging with teenage girls who live at a treatment center and school.  I volunteered to do this as a regular activity for them:  I bring containers and flowers, and each girl can make a bouquet for herself and take it back to her room.  Of course I’m scared.  And I’m excited.  So now I know what to focus on. Thank you! I was only with you for a short time, but you make a big difference for me.