Your Name

Della Rae,, author of The Little Book of Self Care

How Did You Hear About Barbara?

I met Barbara Kite many years ago when I was volunteering for a play that she was directing.

What Did You Hope to Gain From Working with Barbara Kite?

I had no idea what was not “connecting” but I knew that Barbara could get right down to it.

What Were Your Immediate Results?

Literally within 5 minutes of hearing me practice my presentation, Barbara helped me to let go of the “canned words”…what I “should” be saying and what my mind was judging.

What Were Any Long-term Results?

The long term results play out in how I speak, not just in front of an audience, but everyday.

Did Barbara Kite Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Yes, when I stood up to present the first time I sought Barbara’s help, I unraveled a truth that helped others to see themselves in my message.

Would You Recommend Barbara Kite to Colleagues?


Other Comments:

The thought is to have Barbara Kite on my radio show to talk about “being present” which will connect with more than three people.