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An ACTOR'S CRAFT - What Speakers need to know In an Actors’ Studio interview, Ralph Fiennes said that in his audition for RADA he was [...]
Secrets to Great Speaking "Everybody should do this  - acting training."  ~Hugh Jackman (excerpts from an interview by Jame Lipton on INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO) [...]
Bill Clinton: An Amazing Speaker - find out why A short class in how to: Speak from the heart to the audience, not at them, [...]
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Acting Can Help Your Business & Life Skills Tom Vander Well's blog is reprinted here with his permission ___________________________________________________________________________ 10 Ways Being a Theatre Major [...]
Use ISIE to Conquer Performance Anxiety Let’s talk about nerves, fear, being scared of audiences as a speaker and as an actor.  There is an [...]
Primitive Dynamic of Voice What are your biggest challenges in speaking? Nerves? Your voice? Connecting to the audience? Finding the right stories to tell? I [...]
Quotes That Inspire Hi one and all - I have a love affair with quotes that inspire and I know most of you do too.  [...]