Corporate Seminars


Spend a weekend learning the basic acting techniques of great actors and apply them to your presentation skills.
Learn what Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Ryan Gosling, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, and many others spent years studying.

After spending 30+ years teaching, experimenting, researching, developing and creating outstanding tools for actors, Barbara Kite has extracted the essential acting skills needed for speakers to master their craft.

It’s not going to be easy. It requires commitment and practice – a lot of practice. But with effort, these tools will bring to life a bland monologue, rendering it powerful and moving.


Speaking requires that not only the presentation itself be worked on – the acting skills- but the speaker’s instrument – the voice and body- as well.

Learning and Development is one of the most effective ways you can retain employees. You may have strengths in marketing, product awareness and even communication skills. But if you don’t know the special skills of trained actors, you don’t have the competitive edge you need. Your employees need constant training and upgrading to keep sharp and ahead of the competition.

Learn to communicate by developing your awareness of the client on levels you can only reach by mastering the fundamentals of acting:

– The ability to listen like an actor
– Learn to be available and empathetic like an actor
–  Experience the power of being present, with all your attention on your client, like an actor

This is a very special workshop taught by the acclaimed acting coach BARBARA KITE


The question – How to stay ahead of the competition?

The answer – Master the art of communication! (one of the most important tools you need for success)

Your words come alive and you make contact!
You come alive and your persuasive abilities connect to your message!
Your message is sincere because you are aware of the needs of your client.
You inspire trust!

This is the goal of all communication between business and customer.

ACTING SKILLS FOR SPEAKERS is a Workshop that allows professionals to build on their leadership and speaking skills in a creative yet practical way, freeing the extraordinary communicator within through time-tested acting techniques such as improvisation, role playing, learning methods to work “outside the box,” visualization, personalization, and much more.

Only one requirement is necessary for this extraordinary growth to begin – you must invite your creativity into this process.

Learn about:

. Conquering stage fright
. Freeing your body and voice for maximum effect
. Creating a dynamic and compelling presence
. Personalizing your message & finding your voice
. Effective listening (to the underlying message being expressed)
. Succeeding by learning to take creative risks
. The training professional actors receive
. Keeping it fresh every time
. Using the power of emotion
. Tapping into your authenticity
. Working with passion and commitment
. Experience how role playing and improvisation contribute to the new and improved speaker in you
. Learn the real preparation you need to be totally relaxed and confident

Each participant’s specific needs and unique talents are taken into consideration in this training.


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