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Your Speaking & Acting Coach

I am passionate about, and totally committed to, coaching speakers and actors in mastering the art of communication through acting skills. As a public speaking and acting coach with over 30 years experience, I create a safe and challenging space in which all can develop their skill. Whether you are connecting with an audience through a play or a presentation, I will help you make that connection genuine and memorable.

Nike, Lexus, Adidas, OPB, Oregon Zoo Management, and City of Portland Sustainability Department are only a few of the companies that have found my decades of experience in public speaking and acting elevated their presentation skills.

The roots of that public speaking and acting experience span the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where I graduated with the Jehlingher award, running a theater company in NYC, as well as appearing in countless commercials, made for TV movies, TV shows, soaps, and voice overs.


Your Secret Weapon

Why work with me?

I know you are a game changer. Your voice matters. Learn how to convey your message with impact. As a formally trained actor and public speaking coach, you won’t get a cookie cutter approach to training. What you will get is a way to access the place within you that resonates deeply with your mission and can connect with your audience.


“In one hour I learned more from you than I did with the three day workshop on public speaking they made us attend at work.”

– S. Miller, ‎Global Digital Brand Director, Nike Golf


If you are looking for a 5 star professional public speaking coach, acting coach or classes in the Victoria, BC area, welcome. Barbara Kite has been coaching top professionals, major corporations, and actors since 1990.

Upleveling Your Communication Skills

Every Audience MUST Walk Away With 4 Things:


Tools for change and a game plan they’ve been waiting for


Confidence in their ability to work the plan and confidence in you

A Story

An unforgettable story anchored to your message

An Experience

A memorable experience they will carry with them into their life

You need to create magic while being authentic, transparent, caring, and passionate.

Learn how to transform your presentation skills by applying the same principles Barbara uses with actors

Performance Skills You Will Gain

Authenticity, Heightened Energy, Focus, Concentration, Clarity, Immediacy, Enthusiasm, Conversational Speech, Great Story Telling Skills, Listening Skills, Confidence, Relaxation Techniques, Vocal Appeal, Pace, Power, Pitch, Pauses, Improvisation Skills

Don't Take My Word For It

Success stories

“I just thought you’d like to know that I gave a presentation last week and got RAVE REVIEWS! At least half of the people I spoke to told me what a great talk it was. They said they NOW understood my message and that telling it in a STORY was wonderful. You definitely helped me to make a positive difference in my public speaking skills!

Leissa Gebert

Certified Mortgage Planner, The Mortgage Consultants, Inc.

“Barbara helped me break through the ruts, the old habits, the familiar ways. Barbara reminds us that the audience is there, willing to be drawn in, but what Barbara teaches are the skills and techniques to bring that audience closer to us in an authentic and natural way.”

Ed Jahn

Producer, Oregon Field Guide, OPB

Barbara’s offers a great model of being open-hearted and spontaneous that is very inspiring. With her encouragement, I was able to address a large professional group, and hold the audience’s attention for a full-day training, feeling confident and relaxed.”  I heartily recommend working with Barbara for anyone who would like better skills and more fun out of speaking to groups.”

Kate McNulty


“Your coaching is helping me find my authentic voice, so I can communicate effectively, using language, tone and style of speech that fit my personality. I’ve noticed a direct impact from our training sessions in my on-camera work, helping me develop as a professional. I would highly recommend working with you to anyone who can!”

Katrina Sarson

Producer, Oregon Art Beat co-host, OPB

“Barbara”s mentoring is an effective confidence builder. She is gifted in the art of persuasive common sense communication.”

Richard Helzer

Helzer, Cromar & Schneir, Attorneys at Law

“Barbara is a wonderful speaking coach! She has a gift for seeing exactly what you need to work on in order to make improvements. I have learned so much from her in just 8 months of our coaching relationship. Barbara taught me to get out of my head, to trust that I do know what I know and to focus on the audience when sharing my message. I could easily mention many more pearls of wisdom I have learned from her. My public speaking abilities have greatly improved!  Barbara has given me a strong foundation to build a wonderful speaking career for myself. I highly recommend her!

JoAnn Youngblood King


“Barbara –  You taught me to be courageous in telling my story to 250 women.  I will forever be grateful.  You invited me to speak from the authentic place within me and not with the altered stage voice I was using out of fear.  You gave me the greatest life skill anyone can hope for – to speak from my heart.  Thank you for allowing me to experience that freedom.”

Angela Maitland

Quintessential Products

“Barbara is perfect for any professional looking to improve their presentation. From public speaking to creativity, Barbara’s methods are insightful and productive. Its’ also the most fun you will have working on all aspects of communication.”

Elon Hasson

Development Manager E.ON Climate and Renwables

“It’s one thing to tell a story . . . It’s another thing to turn that story into actions that can move a room full of people from laughter to tears.  It doesn’t matter how great your story is if people don’t “feel” it when you tell it.  Barbara helped me learn how to get out of my own body emotionally so I could own the feelings and be in the moment in my character’s life. Getting out of my own skin has allowed me to go much deeper into the stories I have to share, and it continues to give my audiences a much richer experience. “

Elaine Sanchez


“Barbara challenged me and then she had me challenge myself.  She introduced me to the “tools” necessary to accomplish my goals and then taught me how to use them . In my group sessions with Barbara, I loved witnessing what each exercise brought out in each individual. In my private sessions with Barbara,  I was constantly surprised by what each exercise tapped into. I always left my sessions with her feeling inspired and like I could accomplish anything.”

Nancy Bustillo

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